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Netanel Eitan (Industrial Design > Graduate > 2016)
Netanel Eitan
Selected Works
Childhood Memory- Night LampSalt and pepperruah hkodeshmezuza
Olive wood and zinc castingDynamic stool
Wood engraving and laminated veneer5-legged stool
Bending wood and laminated with vacuum-Forming plexusRolling Books
Laser-cut plastic and laminated veneerRecording tree
Root of the olive tree and zinc castingMulti - Tool
Laser cutting and weldingWooden seat
Lamination of  a crisscross of walnut veneer in a vacuum moldCOUNTir
ImagingCOUNTirBench from plasterboard profiles
Profiles of plaster work and plywood attached by rivetsMulti - ToolMulti - Tool ScenarioFire extinguisher - futuristic approach
ImagingFire extinguisher - steampunksmart clamp
Laser cuttingImaging - Video game console
Construction SolidWorks and Computer ImagingImaging - Food Processor
Construction SolidWorks and Computer ImagingCOUNTir
Construction SolidWorks and Computer Imagingtools
Drawing and editing with Photoshopegg-mobile
Drawing and editing with PhotoshopTools inspired by animals
Drawing and editing with PhotoshopDrawing
Drawing and editing with PhotoshopMashrabia
ImagingJapanese knife
Charcoal and ChalkSuicide stool
Ipe woodformula SAEY stool
Ipe wood in wood engraving. Laser cutting. And machining