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Ziv Tsfati (Ceramics and Glass Design > Graduate > 2004)
seven . Relief sculpture lies in the fascinating grey area between painting and sculpture, an illusion and a three dimensional object. It is rooted in an ancient craft, yet through contemporary adaptation it assumes artistic qualities beyond the traditional ones, becoming a sculptural object in itself. The images refer to memories, and their place in our lives. Significant experience, constitutive moments, expresses themselves in images, gestures, point of view, that represent to us the whole story with it's complexity and meanings, a PERSONAL ICON so to speak. In our lives where we are the heroes of our own story, these moments becomes a mythology that defines the experience and the way we define ourselves. Joined together, those symbols and PERSONAL ICONS form an autobiographical encoded index
(installation view)seven (detail)
29x18 cm, ceramicsseven (detail)
23x21 cm, ceramicsseven (detail)
15x7.5 cm, ceramicsseven (detail)
29x20 cm, ceramicsseven (detail)
29x20 cm, ceramicsseven (detail)
29x20 cm, ceramicsseven (detail)
24x16 cm, ceramics