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Matan Ashkenazy (Photography > Graduate > 2012)
Daily Range.
This body of work includes over 40 colour photographs done in Israel with an 8x10 plate camera between 2009-2012. The images deal with confined space within the natural environment aesthetically, politically and construct wise. A feeling of being activated and controlled around the Israeli space and laws as a citizen drove me to photograph objects and views that function as backgrounds, looking at the mundane and everyday within this unique and rudimentary landscape. The fragile landscape and the brutalist architecture create monochrome spaces within what could have been a vibrant place. These places are found both in the cities and rural areas, and the photographs investigate how the boundaries between civilian and military have become blurred. Ultimately the devices being used in Israel are being used all around the world to less or greater degree and it is this political use of landscape that interests me and is currently the theme of my work. Although the work depicts a specific place, the research is about the policing of landscapes and controlling of spaces everywhere.
Two Workrs
C-Type PrintEucalyptus Trees & an Orange Dissuading Ball
C-Type PrintTipuana Tree [Dust]
cDecoration [1]
C-Type PrintRoundabout
C-Type PrintWorkers Leaving
C-Type PrintLandscape with Roads & Lighting Structures [2]
C-Type PrintResidence Building [1] & a Car
C-Type PrintResidence Building [3]
C-Type PrintTwo Windows [Residence Building 2]
C-Type PrintA Wall with a Lighting Bulb [Residence Building 4]
C-Type PrintInstallation View