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Tal Rosen (M.F.A. > Graduate > 2016)
Point of View
I'm a photographer. When the photographed image isn't enough for me, I experiment different ways to look and refer to it. I make it an object, something sensual and sensory, open to examinations of it and what it is assembled from. When you can get closer and feel intimacy, you can project something personal on it. This is a way to communicate - I want you to react to my work. I find it enjoyable when someone laughs in front of my work, or place his\her chick to the wall next to it. In this exhibition I use party-like aesthetics, athletic tensed body expressions, and visibly composed analog and digital photographs to which I add a third component - materialistic experiments that are also thoughts about photography.
titleentrancewindow lookwindow and the texttextWhistles and Pole VaultingPole Vaultinggreyhoundgreyhound - side viewBrass printsthree brass printsbrass print - building - warm viewbrass print - building - neon reflectiontrap