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Liron Hershko (Architecture > Graduate > 2015)
Liron Hershko
Final Project - Architecture Department ' under the supervision of Arc. Etgar-Brix Liat and Arc. Sack Matanya Four comunities between Ein Hod and Ein Haud At the foot of Mount Carmel lays a sequence of four communities, from different periods of time, with different cultures and identities: Ein Haud is populated by a Muslim community. Ein Hod is populated by a secular Jewish community. Nir Atzyion is populated by an orthodox Jews community and And Yemin Orde boarding school with a community of immigrant youth. The project deals with the way the planning policy, promotes through a professional discourse, allegedly, governmental political goals, while ignoring social, economic, environmental needs of the inhabitants. I chose using the same strategy for promoting civilian and political goals of the inhabitants under the shelter of professional reasons and develop consensual projects. The planning empowers the landscape nature of the place; the existing touristic system and the neighborly relationship between the communities. The project deals with two main public programs. First, delineate segregated cycle facilities all through the reservations, between and inside the communities. The segregated cycle facilities include a ride track that connects those four communities and the environment and solves plenty of needs for a broad range of the public. Along its length, stopping stations are planned, which constitutes an opportunity for further uses and for needs that aren’t being treated these days. Secondly, planning a bilingual cultural, educational regional center, as a separate part of the segregated cycle facilities, which answers the need of the talked-about communities and constitutes an attraction for the nearby communities.