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Nataly Saigo
Nataly Saigo (Architecture > Graduate > 2016)
Within the studio's practice i have researched and planned a wide and diverse range of architectural projects, planning had always resulted from human needs, physical context & climate.
Ayelet dayan (Architecture > Graduate > 2014)
Maya Rumbak (Fine Arts > Graduate > 2014)
Gabi Perez
Gabi Perez (Ceramics and Glass Design > Graduate > 2015)
graduate of the ceramics department 2015
Nadav Avital
Nadav Avital (Architecture > Graduate > 2018)
Nadav (Dubi) Avital
Batel Elfasi (Fine Arts > Graduate > 2017)
Eli Zafran
Eli Zafran (Fine Arts > Graduate > 2002)
Eli Zafran Home Page
Yotam Arad
Yotam Arad (Industrial Design > Graduate > 2017)
born in 1988 in Ramat Gan graphic and industrial designer I currently live and work in Jerusalem, Israel.
Ron Ben-Nun (Industrial Design > Graduate > 2015)
Ron Ben Nub 29 years old, living in Jaffa. Studying Industrial Design and working as a wardrobe designer and a personal stylist.
Shira Richter
Shira Richter (Visual Communication > Graduate > 1987)
Shira Richter specializes in ARTiculating the politics of motherhood and care ethics in Multi-inter-disciplinary award winning projects: Film Photographpy, texts, Visual Performance Lectures.
Noa Rubin
Noa Rubin (Jewelry and Fashion) instagram account: NOAX_RU
Avia Zohar
Avia Zohar (Visual Communication > Graduate > 2014)
Avia Zohar Shaki
Hadas Salameh (Architecture > Graduate > 2015)
hadas salameh graduate in arhcitecture department
Inbar Shiryon
Inbar Shiryon (Fine Arts > Graduate > 2015)
My work deals with memory of movement and Disequilibrium. It derives from the body and its use as a tool in my art. The body in my work can be tangible at times, or it dissolves and disappears.
Enbal Sherer
Enbal Sherer (Visual Communication > Graduate > 2003)
I have over 10 yrs of experience working in the industry,with large and small clients around the world. In order to attain and sustain a brand identity,I find the unique graphic language of the brand.
Daniel Oksenberg (Fine Arts > Graduate > 2016)
aya Zaksenberg (Visual Communication > Graduate > 2015)
Aya Zaksenberg
AMIT HADAR (Industrial Design > Student > Fourth Year)
Mosh Kashi
Mosh Kashi (Lecturer)
Mosh Kashi was born in Israel, where he currently lives and works.The paintings of Mosh Kashi embody the anxiety of the 'sensitive viewer', a concept coined by Mark Rothko in the mid-20th century.
Konstantin Levit
Konstantin Levit (Screen-Based Arts)
Hello and thank you for visiting my personal page , my name is Konstantin and i design up to 10 years i was Video Editor and Graphics Design in the army. Today i am studying in Bezalel Academy of Arts
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