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Eli Zafran (Fine Arts > Graduate > 2002)
Geiger Tourism - CANAL, London 2015
CANAL 2015 , London The three bodies of work are broadly connected with locations associated with catastrophe, a meditation on the human fascination with disaster and the cracks in the modernist quest for progress. City in the Sky is a series of drawings of post-war buildings in the process of or due for demolition, and they point to our obsession with recording the obliteration of symbols of power, as well as observing the passing of the utopian vision in the face of capitalism. For a Brighter Tomorrow is a series of three drawings of Bikini and Rongelap atolls in the Marshall Islands, site of past American atomic experiments and currently earmarked as a destination for lucrative property development. Geiger Tourism is composed of two screen prints from locations in Pripyat, Chernobyl. The first depicts an amusement park completed just before the power plant disaster and consequently never used, the second features the facade of the town’s cultural centre. Both are now the object of guided tours by visitors equipped with Geiger detectors, testament to human curiosity, but perhaps also to human optimism.
A City In The SkyFor a Brighter TomorrowGeiger Tourism