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AMIT HADAR (Industrial Design > Student > Fourth Year)
Mosh Kashi
Mosh Kashi (Lecturer)
Mosh Kashi was born in Israel, where he currently lives and works.The paintings of Mosh Kashi embody the anxiety of the 'sensitive viewer', a concept coined by Mark Rothko in the mid-20th century.
Konstantin Levit
Konstantin Levit (Screen-Based Arts)
Hello and thank you for visiting my personal page , my name is Konstantin and i design up to 10 years i was Video Editor and Graphics Design in the army. Today i am studying in Bezalel Academy of Arts
Rotem Yarakchi
Rotem Yarakchi (Screen-Based Arts > Graduate > 2014)
My senior year final project in Bezalel was awarded the Best Animation Film - Jury in the Cine Film Festival 2014 & also won 1st place at International Motion Festival, Cyprus - IMF 2015.
Renana Irsai
Renana Irsai (Visual Communication > Graduate > 2015)
Renana irsai, 2008 B.A Graduate (cum laude) in Art History and Amirim Humanities program for outstanding students at HU, 2015 Graduate in the Visual Communication Dept. Bezalel.
Inbar Raz-Rotshild
Inbar Raz-Rotshild (Photography > Graduate > 2015)
Inbar Rothschild; An Israeli artist, working in Tel-Aviv. Graduated from the Photography Department,Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.Currently an artist in residency at "Fest'factory"
Hagar Shaked (Photography > Graduate > 2016)
Raafat Hattab
Raafat Hattab (M.F.A. > Graduate > 2015)
Raafat Hattab
Coral Hamo Goren
Coral Hamo Goren (Architecture > Graduate > 2016)
Coral Hamo
Lotem Artzi (Fine Arts > Graduate > 2016)
Lotem Artzi is a graduate of the Fine Art Department, 2016. B. in 1990. Lives and works in Jerusalem. Painter.
Uziel Rangel
Uziel Rangel (Fine Arts > Student > Third Year)
Camino entre la delicada voz que nos llama, lo que ocurre, y lo preordenado, lo alto.
Moshe Gilboa
Moshe Gilboa (Screen-Based Arts > Graduate > 2016)
Moshe Gilboa, born in Israel, creating animation and games since he was a baby.
Rotem Fesler (Screen-Based Arts > Graduate > 2016)
Screen Based Arts Graduate.
Paz Sher
Paz Sher (Fine Arts > Graduate > 2017)
Paz Sher, born in 1988, sculptor.
Sheera Almog (Visual Communication > Graduate > 2017)
sheera Almog
mor amgar (Ceramics and Glass Design > Student > Third Year)
student in the Department of Ceramic Design
Efrat Kutiel
Efrat Kutiel (Ceramics and Glass Design > Student > Second Year)
Student at the ceramic and glass design department
Shay Greenblatt (Ceramics and Glass Design > Graduate > 2018)
ran slapak
ran slapak (Ceramics and Glass Design > Graduate > 2018)
Sculptor, born in 1990.
Idit Gilad (Fine Arts > Graduate > 2018)
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