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aya Zaksenberg (Visual Communication > Graduate > 2015)
Aya Zaksenberg
AMIT HADAR (Industrial Design > Graduate > 2019)
Mosh Kashi
Mosh Kashi (Lecturer)
Mosh Kashi was born in Israel, where he currently lives and works.The paintings of Mosh Kashi embody the anxiety of the 'sensitive viewer', a concept coined by Mark Rothko in the mid-20th century.
Konstantin Levit
Konstantin Levit (Screen-Based Arts)
Hello and thank you for visiting my personal page , my name is Konstantin and i design up to 10 years i was Video Editor and Graphics Design in the army. Today i am studying in Bezalel Academy of Arts
Rotem Yarakchi
Rotem Yarakchi (Screen-Based Arts > Graduate > 2014)
My senior year final project in Bezalel was awarded the Best Animation Film - Jury in the Cine Film Festival 2014 & also won 1st place at International Motion Festival, Cyprus - IMF 2015.
Renana Irsai
Renana Irsai (Visual Communication > Lecturer)
Renana irsai, 2008 B.A Graduate (cum laude) in Art History and Amirim Humanities program for outstanding students at HU, 2015 Graduate in the Visual Communication Dept. Bezalel.
Inbar Raz-Rotshild
Inbar Raz-Rotshild (Photography > Graduate > 2015)
Inbar Rothschild; An Israeli artist, working in Tel-Aviv. Graduated from the Photography Department,Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.Currently an artist in residency at "Fest'factory"
Hagar Shaked (Photography > Graduate > 2016)
Raafat Hattab
Raafat Hattab (M.F.A. > Graduate > 2015)
Raafat Hattab
Coral Hamo Goren
Coral Hamo Goren (Architecture > Graduate > 2016)
Coral Hamo
Lotem Artzi (Fine Arts > Graduate > 2016)
Lotem Artzi is a graduate of the Fine Art Department, 2016. B. in 1990. Lives and works in Jerusalem. Painter.
Uziel Rangel
Uziel Rangel (Academic Collaborations > Student > Second Year)
Camino entre la delicada voz que nos llama, lo que ocurre, y lo preordenado, lo alto.
Moshe Gilboa
Moshe Gilboa (Screen-Based Arts > Graduate > 2016)
Moshe Gilboa, born in Israel, creating animation and games since he was a baby.
Rotem Fesler (Screen-Based Arts > Graduate > 2016)
Screen Based Arts Graduate.
Paz Sher
Paz Sher (Fine Arts > Graduate > 2017)
Paz Sher, born in 1988, sculptor.
Sheera Almog (Visual Communication > Graduate > 2017)
sheera Almog
mor amgar (Ceramics and Glass Design > Student > Fourth Year)
student in the Department of Ceramic Design
Efrat Kutiel
Efrat Kutiel (Ceramics and Glass Design)
Student at the ceramic and glass design department
Shay Greenblatt (Ceramics and Glass Design > Graduate > 2018)
ran slapak
ran slapak (Ceramics and Glass Design > Graduate > 2018)
Sculptor, born in 1990.
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