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Coral Hamo Goren (Architecture > Graduate > 2016)
2048 - The city as a hybrid instance in the Israel - Lebanon region
The liminal space is the intersecting area between israel and lebanon. This space is created by the touching of both natural and artificial borders that have surfaced over the course of time. That is without any direct relation to the statutory borders we identify using the “Red Lines” drawn on the allegedly realistic maps. This space is the real border, containing a formative texture with the potential of having new architectural relationships formed within it. The liminal texture is a descriptive map combining, cross referencing and defining a new area beyond our day to day reality, and current times. “The new borders of the middle east are evaporating, and today, it really does not matter if in the past they represented more meaningful divisions. It is quite clear though, that the crumbling of countries is not a “natural” process of breaking artificial barriers and the renewed reorganization by more precise guide lines.” (Dror Ze’evi) By observing the trends in the middle east as a whole since sykes-picot agreement, it seems the crumbling of borders comes from the need of ethnic societies, to zealously maintain their homogenic group, thus retaining territories belonging to the group. In a situation where the border lines are irrelevant, we may observe a society aiming at a cosmopolitical space where the border once was, which in the not-so-far future, will be the key for the creation and evolution of a new middle eastern culture. The project offers an observation on the potential space in an accelerated thinking process, looking forward to the year 2048. From this prespective the new city drives the experimental hybridic process beginning at 2048. The site created is a sort of an textural enclave with moderate solpes, charging forth from both sides of the border, and originating from within it.
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