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Idit Gilad (Fine Arts > Graduate > 2018)
Drainage basin
The body is the battlefield. It is the animal element in us, the site where the sense is poured into the concrete, where the interior collapses into the exterior, and the exterior into the interior. It is the place where excess is overflowing, a space filled with loopholes, an uncanny home where intimacy and desire are intertwined with terror. In Edith Gilad’s works, body, fiction and material are intertwined. The works draw from the depths of the subconscious hybrid and liminal characters and myths of wild incarnations that are soaked with sweat, excretions and blood. The interior and the exterior merge into each other, digesting each other. The works do not obey an orderly or hierarchical logic, and the gaze moves in a spiral motion, running dizzily through spaces and entrances.