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Adam Gefen (Jewelry and Fashion > Graduate > 2011)
Nature Inside
Nature Inside The collection raises questions about the male image and the meanings one associates with it. The motif of nature serves as an element that works ambivalently to both construct and deconstruct the male image. On the one hand, a genuine life force that breathes, beats and bursts forth from within. On the other hand, an imitation of nature representing a false ideal of masculinity. The gap between “natural” and “fake” demonstrates the dissonance between the image of the visceral macho male and the reflection that I see in the mirror. This gap is my motivation for creating this collection. The urban landscape is the setting in which the collection exists and its main source of inspiration. The geometric concrete and metal structures that conquer the natural environment, and the manifestations of nature as planned and at the same time haphazard, comprise the territory within which the collection was designed. The clothes construct the cleft image of the male through a contradictory language of geometric lines and surfaces made from stiffened woven fabrics, as well as handmade knits that seek to break through the rigid, shell-like cover. The silhouettes created refer to the men who wear them, constructing a shape which protrudes beyond the natural male body and redefines it. These hybrid constructions make a statement about the image of the male – hard and encrusted but also soft and supple.
Bachelor Project - "Nature Inside"Bachelor Project - "Nature Inside"