Prof. Ido Bar-El won the 2014 Rappaport Prize for Senior Artist

Graduate and a lecturer in the Fine Arts Department

Eitan Shoker won the Council for Higher Education's Prize

in Memory of Shosh Berlinsky-Sheinfeld for Social Involvement in the Community.

International Glass

International Glass

Summer school in Jerusalem, August 4 – 14, 2014

„The Self and the Other“

„The Self and the Other“

Illustration project initiated by the Picturebook Museum Troisdorf (Germany) and the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design (Israel)

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem, is accepting applications for the position

of Head of the Master of Fine Arts Program (M.F.A.). Deadline for applications is March 20, 2014

Awards and Prizes - Jan-Feb 2014

Students, Alumni and teachers

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