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Food Experience Design : international conference - Open Call


For modern man, living in Western society, the experience of food consumption has changed over the last two decades. As part of the consumption economy, food is becoming increasingly industrialized, and its consumption is re-distributed in a new manner throughout the day. Man's complex and vital relationship with food is based on the expansion of the field of science, technology, sustainability, and design. Eating has been transformed from a function to an experience, from meeting a physical need to meeting the mental, emotional, and health needs.

Whether in the design of food, packaging, or service, the field of design shapes the encounter between users and food. Designers are entrusted with the creation of different junctions and interfaces that comprise the eating experience. The design of physical, emotional, and awareness interfaces can aim to the transformation of the current reality of the eating experience, towards shaping it in a fashion that is congruent with primordial and new values and needs.

An event that centers on the subject of "Food Experience Design" will take place on 19/6/2014, sponsored by Strauss Group. The conference will give a platform to lectures and workshops aimed at developing the link between the world of design thought and the world of food in the industry and the academia. The conference will address the construction of a new experience and the future of eating, by exposing innovating research and design projects that will point at the new directions in which the eating experience will evolve in the future.

Proposals will be accepted until the 30/01/2014,

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