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„The Self and the Other“


Illustration project initiated by the Picturebook Museum Troisdorf (Germany) and the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design (Israel)
Artistic mentoring: Merav Salomon / Jens Thiele, Dr. Pauiline Liesen

Participating Artists:
German Deligation
Alex Klobouk <> /
Stefanie Harjes <> / no pesonal website
Jonas Lauströer  <> /
Juliane Plöger   <> /
Tobias Krejtschi <> /
Israeli Deligation
Gilad Slikter –,
Roni Levit –
Erez Gavish –
Zeev Engelmaier –
Guy Sagee –

Project Goals:
In this project artists (Illustrators and Visual Communicators) from Israel and Germany come together for an experiment. Together they want to initiate artistic processes focused around the theme of  „The Self and the other“.
There is no other idea like the experience of the “Self and the Other” which is bound so deeply with the past of the two countries, as well as in the tension that constructs the artistic and creative process. Hence, apart from history, the project will include the chance, to experience, challenge and deal with questions and issues reflected in the Theme „The Self and the Other“ such as here and now, Personal and Collective Identity, Communication and expression, etc, etc.
This experimental encounter between artists will lead to inspiring and stimulating discoveries, which, by using artistic strategies and representations will materialized in the participants work.
It is important to start an open-ended process of determining the phenomena of „The Self and the other“ which the participants will engage in, and of determining the kind of media they will choose and the results in which will be visible at the end of the workshop.
However, what is set is a planned exhibition presenting the artistic results and the developments leading to them at The Bezalel Academy (Jerusalem) and at the Picturebook Museum (Troisdorf).
The first meeting will take place in Germany for 8 days, were the Israeli members of the delegation will visit and be hosted by the German members of the project at the Troisdorf Picturebook Museum, and within the German Artists homes.
Later on during the year the German delegation will visit Israel, and be a guest of the Bezalel Academy and of the members of the Israeli artists.
The outcomes of the two excursions will be depicted and curate in an exhibition.