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2nd International Glass Summer School 2015 at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design


History of glass began here, in the Mediterranean region. In August 2015, we will return to the origins of glass by holding a 2nd International Glass Summer School at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Israel.

This year the program’s motto is “From the past to future: applying traditional craft to contemporary art”. During the program, there will be several parallel Glass and Ceramics courses. The focus of the program is on applying traditional glass and ceramic craft to contemporary art. Our program aim is to increase overall technical level of the students.  
Two parallel courses will accompany the program concentrating on teaching contemporary glass, sculpture techniques and concepts. Highly praised international glass artists in the contemporary art scene lead two courses:
Petr Stacho will lead the Kiln Casting course.
Petr Stacho is a leading teacher at Glassmaking school in Kamenický Šenov, which is one of the famous and oldest glass schools in Czech Republic. His works where shown in galleries and museums around the world, such as Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, UK, China, Belgium.  Petr will teach sculpturing esthetic, technique of kiln casting (understanding of
annealing line, processing in glass, specific behavior of glass, inside space, reflections) and  technology of kiln casting (preparation of special plaster, building of molds, building metal constructions inside molds).
Corina Tettinger will lead the Flame Working course
Corina is probably best known for her popular book "Passing The Flame", which sold over 15 000 copies all over the world and became sort of “Bible of Flame Working”. In addition, Corina Tettinger is versatile teacher who shows and teaches around the world. Corina will connect students with the age old art of lamp working, will teach the most basic and most sophisticated techniques. Though the workshop is directed at people with experience, she will start "at the beginning" and teach how to shape glass into beads or different shapes, making sure that each person gets the confidence they need to feel good about their skills. Corina will show how to pull and control stringer, apply and manipulate dots, encase bead in different methods, create life-like flowers on and inside of beads, make sculptural frogs and lizards and depending on the wishes of the students, make "ocean themed" beads.
There will be rich cultural and social program as part the course.
The Summer School is from August 10-20, 2015 at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Israel.
Contact for further details about classes, registration and terms.