Histories and Theories of Design

Total Hours
Semester A
Course Day
Time 12:30 - 14:00

The course objective is to develop knowledge about the different histories and theories in the design field. The course will cover design in various periods since the Industrial Revolution - the pre-modern, modern, post-modern and contemporary period. In each such period, test cases in the history of industrial design, graphic design, fashion design and architecture will be presented in order to see the connections between the various design fields. In addition, the various design products will be presented alongside the socio-economic revolutions of the relevant period. Through these test cases we will understand the meaning of the different social values hidden within the different styles, and the change of values and styles from period to period and from context to context. These test cases will be taught with an emphasis on the visual language of contemporary design that makes interdisciplinary use of historical styles. After the historical review, the course will move on to a review various theories that have developed in recent years in the field of design. For example, we will deal with the social meaning of the term "style" when the examination of the various styles will be accompanied by the question - "why do things look the way they do"? The combination of this theoretical understanding and historical acquaintance with the various styles will present the social meaning of the design, and the functional dimension of aesthetics. In the course, we will also review various theories that present the connection between design and different theoretical fields: economy and consumer culture, globalization, the close connection between design and art, digital design, bio-design and social design.