cars design

Total Hours
Semester A
Course Day
Time 14:00 - 17:00
Industrial Design (B. Des)


The course is an introduction to the car design practice


Car Design- design for a racing car


The car is a substantial and influential object affecting the lives of us all. The car interacts with us intensively through our daily routines, experiences and identity. The car is loaded with imagery and it’s influence on cultural media such as painting, cinema, literature and photography is enormous.

Car design is perceived as a technologically complex venture requiring a multitude of interdisciplinary efforts. At the same time the car is an excellent platform for personal expression of unique, creative and aesthetic language.

This year, the course will include developing of specific design skills, while designing a real car. The car to be designed is a student project to be executed by the BGR racing team representing the Ben-Guryon University engineering faculties. The engineering will be done by BGR while the design will be done by Bezalel representatives. The car is intended to be raced at the upcoming SAE international racing event on October 2022.

As an inherent part of the course we will have the opportunity to learn about the substance of a car, how it evolved and trends that historically affected car styling. We will be introduced to engineering, human and scientific factors affecting the design and identify the territories most readily available for the designer to make her mark.

We will have frontal lectures, some shared with BGR members, studio work including demos and personal work, weekly assignments and as the term goes forward, a team effort will take place and the designs will be developed into an agreed layout to be built. There will be room for personal and team expression. After the end of the course, students who will choose and be chosen to  follow the project to completion at the summer term, will have the opportunity and be granted academic credits for it.