Total Hours
Semester A
Course Day
Time 10:00 - 17:00

In this course, we will apply the concept of “meta”, which implies exploring a subject from a broad and comprehensive perspective, to grid-system design. We will examine this key design tool from up close, look into its development over time, encounter modern grid-based design structures, and apply a critical perspective to it while redefining its role in contemporary design. We will do so while discussing the grid’s conceptual significance, its range of applications (and, at times, non-applications), and its current roles within digital technologies. Throughout the semester, each student will develop an individual project based on her or his own original and custom-made complex grid system. The system, whose development will be grounded in thorough research, will be designed so as to allow for flexible shifts across platforms (print, screen, architectural space) while maintaining a coherent visual identity. The course will be divided into thematic modules (e.g., proportions, modularity, hierarchies, book design, responsivity, deconstruction), each involving a combination of lectures, discussions, and practical classroom exercises.