In theory: the final project | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

In theory: the final project

Total Hours
Semester A
Course Day
Time 16:30 - 18:00

The final project, taking place in the 4th year by the students in the Art and Design academy, is considered as the peak of their studies. It reflects their ability, creativity and desire for originality. In the course of achieving their goal the students are required to put emphasis on the practical sides of the final project, as well as to its historical and theoretical fazes. By corresponding with theory, and acknowledging its historical aspects, the final project gains a value added, i.e.: it incorporates tradition as part and parcel of originality and novelty. The purpose of the course is to emphasis the importance of theory and history in the role of the final project. By acquainting the students with these aspects, it is expected that the final project will represent the two equal sides of the making: its practical as well as its theoretical.