3rd year studio | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

3rd year studio

Total Hours
Semester B
Course Day
Time 14:00 - 18:00
Industrial Design (B.DES.)

Hospitality? - the guest, the host and more? “Good evening. Have you made a reservation? How many are you? Would you like to sit in or out? Please wait, I’m checking….”? In the studio class we will discuss the issue of ethical hospitality?,? which hosts with no pre?-?conditions nor limitations ?-? Jacque Derrida describes this type of hospitality by opening the door to a passer?-?by with no restrictions or questions?.? The guest is free to use the house as he pleases and the host will not ask him?/?her not even for their name ?.? The hospitality will be unconditional. This new understanding of hospitality requires a rethinking of the laws of common, conditional hospitality in contrast with the law, or perhaps we should say ethics, of unconditional hospitality. The second type of hospitality is the regulated one. This is the political hospitality where one has to be familiar with the laws and conditions of the house, the place, the state. The guest must disclose his/her identity - it is in relation to law: The foreigner was placed inside the law, under the law, essential to the law. The foreigner occupied an integral space within the city. (http://www.kritike.org/journal/issue_3/westmoreland_june2008.pdf) In a time, where the world-wide-web offers us couch surfing or sharing our space with strangers on the basis of openness and trust in others (or giving our faith in the recommendations and rates of other users), it would be interesting to explore hospitality as designers. Who is the guest and who is the host? Are we dealing with private or public space? When will the guest arrive and for how long? Will he/she leave or will stay for the night? What did he/she bring? What is he/she leaving behind or taking with them to continue their journey?