Fanzine to Magazine | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Fanzine to Magazine

Total Hours
Semester B
Course Day
Time 10:00 - 17:00

While the traditional newspapers are struggling to survive, a whole new and exciting world of self-published street magazines is emerging. Everyone who has anything to say - does it. Without budget, without censorship - urban space has become an exciting arena of communication and self expression.

A quick look at the twentieth century shows that in times of crisis (war, economic and social crisis, etc.), the most interesting and alternative journalistic formats were developed. Some of those zines, which started as kick-ass, low-budget marginal publications, have become meticulous and widely circulated magazines: I-D, Rolling Stone and others.

During this course we will follow this fascinating move - from zine to magazine. The first question you will have to answer is what is your passion? What is your obsession? This topic will first be presented as a fanzine for a select community. In the second stage, we will study and re-examine the existing conventions in the world of magazines and create new models that will turn your zines into well-designed, meticulous magazines that can communicate with diverse audiences.

Work process will be one of the things we will focus on. From a more intuitive and personal process while developing the fanzine to more structured and systematic process while working on the magazine.

Anyone who has something to say, interested in creating and editing content, loves to explore the connection between content and form and develop a design language that is both personal and unique as well as communicative - is welcome to join.