Sexual Harassment Prevention
מניעת הטרדה מינית

Sexual harassment and gender-related molestation offend a person's self-respect, liberty, privacy and gender equality. Sexual harassment and molestation constitute a criminal offense that could lead to the harassing or molesting party being imprisoned or fined, as well as a civil tort, for which a legal claim can be filed. In such cases, financial compensation and other remedies may be sought from the harassing and/or molesting party, and in some cases – from the employer of said parties.

Sexual harassment and molestation have an adverse effect on the functioning of the Academy and are contrary to its policy. The Academy demands that each and every employee and student avoid any acts of sexual harassment and molestation in the context of the academic activity and do everything in his or her power to prevent such acts. Sexual harassment and/or molestation on the part of members of the administrative staff, academic faculty or students constitute disciplinary violations according to each one of the disciplinary codes in effect at the Academy.

In the event that a student feels that he/she has been sexually harassed or molested in the context of the academic activity, three options are available to him/her by law:
• Have the Academy assume responsibility for handling the complaint;
• File a complaint with the police (thereby initiating a criminal process);
• File a civil claim with a court of law.
Victims of sexual harassment or molestation can choose whether to initiate one or more of the aforesaid proceedings.

Accurate details regarding the Academy's procedures in the matter of preventing sexual harassment and molestation, including definitions of the concepts "sexual harassment" and "molestation", are specified in the procedure for preventing sexual harassment at the Academy. The procedure may be requested from the Bezalel libraries and the Ombudsman's office. The complete procedure, in Hebrew, is also available through this website .

Complaints regarding sexual harassment or molestation in the context of the academic activity at Bezalel should be submitted to the Ombuds(wo)men for Sexual Harassment and Molestation. If you feel you've been harrassed, you can come and talk about it without entering a formal complaint, no actions will be taken without your consent.

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