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Your support can make a significant difference in the lives of our students, in the continuing expansion of our scope and vision, in the form and functions that Bezalel can and will embrace in the years to come – in our dreams and our deeds.

Please stand with us as we educate, inform and nurture the next generation of aspiring artists, designers and architects. Please help our students hone their nascent talents to transform the art and design world with pioneering originality and creativity. Please help ensure our unique approach to teaching and learning continues to set the standard and lead the way in Israel and abroad.

Please partner with us as Bezalel proudly builds for the future.



In October 2022, the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem will welcome its students and faculty members to its new home in the heart of Jerusalem.

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Bezalel’s extensive support network includes scholarships that embrace a wide-range of possibilities and populations: from tuition and housing, assistance and mentoring support for students with financial needs and learning disabilities, to discharged soldiers, new immigrants, Arabic-speaking students and students with special needs, among others.

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Bezalel is spearheading the exploration and development of the promising new field of art and design research, which applies singular strategies to the investigation of a wide range of challenging scientific, intellectual and social problems. This enables the Academy to produce innovative, useful and groundbreaking results while remaining both scholarly and imaginative.

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Design thinking is an integral component of today’s technological revolution. This new reality is particularly critical in Israel, which is renowned for its innovative high-tech sector. Bezalel helps its students and faculty become involved in this pioneering convergence of art and technology, design and innovation, science and creativity, by introducing them to the requisite terminology and skill sets and mentoring them as they find their place in this expanding ecosystem. Their efforts focus on channeling research results into entrepreneurial enterprises and creating solutions that will enhance everyday life, leading the way in this exciting era of advances and innovation.

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Bezalel believes that creating an outstanding professional infrastructure for continuous teaching development will produce a more meaningful learning and teaching experience for both students and teachers, particularly in the distinctive environment of an art and design academic educational institution. The Academy’s unique Teaching Center focuses on augmenting the abilities of Bezalel’s educators to maximize every student’s potential while examining the optimal methodology for teaching art and design. The Center’s continuing research is intended to improve data-driven teaching and to apply lessons from arts and design pedagogy to all fields of higher education.

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Bezalel has nine departments that offer undergraduate degrees: Industrial Design; Ceramics and Glass Design; Visual Communication; Fine Art; Screen-Based Arts; Photography; Jewelry and Fashion Design; Architecture; and Visual and Material Culture. All departments would appreciate assistance in awarding Prizes for Excellence, Tuition Scholarships, support for Student Exchanges Abroad, grants for Young Graduates, the acquisition of equipment and materials and funding for workshops, seminars and exhibitions.

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Bezalel has five graduate programs: Master in Fine Arts (MFA); Master in Industrial Design; Master in Policy and Theory of the Arts; Master in Urban Design; and Master in Visual Communication. Their programmatic needs include underwriting for the Annual Graduates Exhibitions, Residencies; New Technology Integrations; and International Faculty Exchanges.

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Bezalel has always understood that its faculty and students can make a unique contribution to the world around them; that as artists and designers they can be agents of cultural innovation and examples of responsible citizenship in the public, private and non-profit sectors. For decades, the Academy’s faculty and students have embraced community involvement – creating social, educational and environmental programs for schoolchildren and teenagers, for people with disabilities and for the disadvantaged – throughout the city and country. Bezalel has added to these extensive efforts by expanding its academic agenda to include courses that marry these vital issues and challenges with practical programs and concrete outreach efforts.


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Through its collaborations with over 180 of the world’s best art schools and academic institutions – and a growing number of partnerships and relationships with galleries, institutes and multinational companies worldwide – Bezalel is recognized by its peers for the caliber of its curriculum, renowned guest lecturers, cooperative research projects and outstanding faculty exchange programs. Bezalel also offers an exceptionally extensive student exchange program, collaborating with over leading academic institutions in Asia, Europe, the US, South America and Australia.

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Giving Options and Donor Recognition

Bezalel would be pleased and proud to discuss the many options for tax-exempt contributions, the specifics of your gift and how we show our appreciation through public recognition of your support.

Your gift will help Bezalel sustain our mission and realize our vision. Your generosity will enable us to move forward with innovative and exciting new ideas that will dramatically impact the present and future. Your investment will enable us to proceed proudly into the future knowing that friends like you are standing alongside us.

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