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The 212 Lab is Bezalel's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab, which aims to create Design Driven Ventures and develops expertise in two main areas: Healthcare  and Environmental Impact. In both of these areas, the lab seeks to develop meaningful solutions to universal challenges.

The lab operates through four coordinated, complementing circuits:

The developmental-entrepreneurial circuit is constructed of interdisciplinary student teams of all departments developing a project under the guidance of the lab’s team. Utilizing the lab's unique methodology, the young entrepreneurs identify a universal challenge, explore the solutions spectrum, develop a proof of concept (POC), test it, and then proceed to build a viable business strategy as well as the venture’s story. Beyond the creation of significant and applicable solutions, this process provides students with a unique entrepreneurial toolbox that reflects the value of Design and creative professionals in reality-changing endeavors. 

Content development and culture creation. The lab generates quality content and forms it into distributable knowledge within the applied innovation and entrepreneurship realm. The lab produces lecture series, events, competitions and community-oriented projects to encourage and facilitate awareness and participation within the Bezalel community and help in establishing an entrepreneurial culture.  

Research and Methodology. The lab engages in a continuous and consistent effort to develop and articulate its unique Design-Driven Venturing (DDV) methodology. As part of this effort the lab performs intental studies (on different scales) that investigate trends, perceptions and positions with regard to design, innovation and entrepreneurship. The lab diligently documents its processes in order to construct a solid model for thinking and operation. 

Strategic partnerships and special projects. The 212 Lab, both in its R&D and an Innovation generator capacity, is growing its network of strategic partners and collaborators. The Lab has signed several agreements with prominent partners within the medical, biotechnological  and financial sectors. It is engaged in several research and venturing efforts with industry and academic partners. 

Lab 212 Lab was envisaged and set up due to Bezalel Acadeny’s win of a competitive  grant put forth by the Council of Higher Education, for the establishment of an innovation and entrepreneurship academic center. The winning proposal was submitted jointly with the Hebrew University and Azrieli College of Engineering. The three institutions make up the JLM IMPACT Consortium - the Jerusalem Association for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.