Guest Lecture | Arch. Hubert Klumpner | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Guest Lecture | Arch. Hubert Klumpner

Designing Urban Imaginaries

The School of Architecture invites to a special guest lecture: Arch. Hubert Klumpner -  'Designing Urban Imaginaries'.

Arch. Hubert Klumpner is an architect and co-founder of the interdisciplinary design practice, U-TT. As Design Principal and CEO of Zurich based Urbanthinktank_next, he is counted among the originators of the turn to socio-environmental design - a movement that had its international breakthrough with the exhibition, 'Small-Scale Big Change - New Architectures of Social Engagement' at the MoMA in New York City in 2010.

Klumpner is full Professor at the Swiss Institute of Technology in Zurich, ETHZ, where he holds the Chair of Architecture and Urban Design, directs the Center for Housing (Wohnforum), and the Network City Landscape (NSL), and serves as the UN-Habitat University Hub for Informal Housing. Outside of the ETHZ, Urbanthinktank_next has offices in Switzerland, Germany, Colombia, and works currently with a nomadic Studio-Mobil in Vienna, Austria.

Host: Prof. Arch. Els Verbakel, Head of the School of Architecture, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem.

Thursday | 11.7.24 | 12:00-13:30
The School of Architecture
1 Bezalel St., Jerusalem

צילום של מדרגות ספירלה אדומות
Fabrica de Cultura, Colombia, 2023. Photography: Iwan Bann