About Bezalel
אודות בצלאל
حول بتسلئيل

Guiding Principles

Bezalel’s mission is to educate, inform and nurture the next generation of aspiring artists, designers and architects. 

Drawing from our local inspiration. With a belief that artists and designers must learn to incorporate themselves, their backgrounds and their surroundings into their work, Bezalel urges its students draw upon local inspiration to strengthen their expressive efforts. By examining the confluence of contrasting cultures, styles and values that Jerusalem and Israel present, students are taught how such interaction produces more insightful and exciting possibilities.

Engaging with the world. To prepare its students to go out onto the world and take their place on the global stage, the Academy exposes them to the conversations taking place on the local and international scene. It motivates them to engage and respond to universal challenges by questioning, researching, defining and redefining concepts and ideas and to offer new perspectives and solutions.

Championing equity, diversity and independent thinking. Bezalel’s commitment to a diverse population of students and faculty is well reflected in their multifaceted profiles. Stemming from all segments of society, this dynamic mix of people of varied religious, cultural and socioeconomic origins and affiliations enriches and energizes the Academy, furthering disparate viewpoints and stimulating original and independent thinking.

Melding the past, present and future. As the acknowledged guardian of Israel’s artistic heritage, Bezalel is dedicated to protecting time-honored crafts and techniques while simultaneously broadening and strengthening them with new ideas and new directions. Each of its undergraduate and graduate degree programs present students with traditional knowledge, tools and materials collected over many decades alongside hands-on workshops that use sophisticated software and novel technologies, styles and methodologies to inspire and innovate.

Reimagining the future. The Academy trains its students to be agents of change – artists and designers who can integrate their intellectual curiosity with their professional skills to address the complex issues confronting humanity, providing them with the critical ability to research, evaluate and affect the social and ethical impact of emerging technologies with an openness to the unknown and the unexpected – and in the process, creating a cadre of leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs who will dramatically transform our lives.

Connecting with the community. Throughout their Bezalel experience, students and faculty are encouraged to take an active role in the communities they live in to understand and demonstrate that as artists and designers their creative citizenship can make important and meaningful contributions to the world around them.