Noam Dover | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Noam Dover

Noam Dover (b. 1975) questions the traditional boundaries between design, crafts and production; addresses the cultural origins of materials and techniques; and creates objects that tell the story of their making. 

Originating from industrial design, Noam’s work has shifted to hands-on craft, specialising in glass and ceramics. A keen open source technology maker and fascinated by craft history, Noam is looking for ways to create a synergy between traditional craft and digital fabrication. He sees his work as part of a chronology of craft knowledge, where today’s digital developments present new opportunities to the craft community, through open sourcing and an innovative approach. He is developing ceramic and glass 3D printers, tailored for a studio environment.

Received an MFA in Craft! Ceramics and Glass department, Konstfack University of Art, Craft and Design, Stockholm, Sweden. B.Des. in Industrial design from Bezalel.

He has exhibited worldwide, including Design/Miami, Milan’s design fair and London’s design festival. His work has won numerous prizes and is included in the collection of Holon Design Museum (IL) and Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Canvas; Amphorae;10 2019