Prof. Arch.‎ Michael Turner | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Prof. Arch.‎ Michael Turner

Michael Turner, born in the UK, is a practicing architect, professor, and UNESCO Chairholder in Urban Design and Conservation Studies.  He has been involved with urban and environmental issues in Israel since establishing the first Municipal Unit in 1974 in Jerusalem.

Turner has been involved with master plans for the Old City of Jerusalem and Bnei Berak and conservation designs for sites as Apollonia, Montfort and Shuni.  His recent European research activities include the management of pre-historic sites; the Divided Cities of Jerusalem and Berlin and a tri-national Partnership for Peace offering mechanisms for shared heritage and sustainable peace. Other projects have included Designing Safer Urban Spaces, managing the Bologna Protocol in Israel and currently part of a Marie-Curie doctoral consortium on Heritage. He was an initiator of the National Archive for Art, Architecture and Design and continues to be involved.

Serving on many international professional-academic bodies he has contributed many articles and presentations to academic fora and professional meetings all over the world. He chaired the Israel World Heritage Committee from its inception in 1999 till 2011, and with two decades of contribution to UNESCO, he was elected to the World Heritage Committee in 2005 and during 2007-2008 served as its vice-President.  He has accompanied the debate on Historic Urban Landscapes and is special advisor to the World Heritage Centre Director providing international assistance in the fields of urban design and conservation.