Prof. Yehudit Sasportas | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Prof. Yehudit Sasportas

Yehudit Sasportas is a senior professor at the department of Fine Art in the BFA and MFA Programs since 94. She works simultaneously in Berlin and Tel Aviv, with a high level of international professional commitment and involvement.

Her work is focused on site-specific installations, which include sculptures, drawings, video and sound works, and call for an intense and overwhelming sensory experience. Her installations have gone through a process of adapting and responding to the architecture of various museum spaces while forming into artworks that present a new way of reading architecture itself, as well as the wider cultural context it was created in. Her sculptural installations deal with a fascinating correspondence taking place between subconscious materials, unspoken and unseen, and the way these layers of information activate conscious areas across the surface. 

Sasportas represented Israel in the 2007 Venice Biennial, and has presented more than 17 international solo exhibitions during the last decade, in venues such as: The Archeology of The Unseen, Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, Wilhelmshaven. Germany, 2020. RIFTS OF ABSENCE, Villa Schöningen, Potsdam, Germany, 2017. HAMAKOM, GL STRAND Kunsthalle, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2016. Seven Winters, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel, 2013. HASIPUR – The Story, Herbert Gerisch Stiftung, Neuemunster, Germany, 2010. The Clearing of the Unseen, DA2 Domus Atrium, Salamanca, Spain, 2009. The Laboratory, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Germany, 2008. By the River, Matrix 200, the Berkley Museum of Art, San Francisco, USA, 2002. The Carpenter and the Seamstress II, Deitch Projects, New York, USA, 2001.