Arch. Moran Amikam Darr | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Arch. Moran Amikam Darr

Born in Jerusalem, lecturer, architect and partner at ADMA studio and social activist.
Moran is a Technion BArch. graduate, winner of the Raiskin Prize and Azrieli Prize, and a graduate  of MCH program at ETSAM Madrid and ETH Zurich.  
Active since 2011 in the "Jerusalem Awakening''  political movement and various community initiatives. He later served as an adviser to the movement and the deputy mayor. As part of this activity, taking part in initiatives to change legislation on social housing issues at hand.
Her work at Studio ADMA deals with residential, office, hotel, public planning, urban planning and statutory and strategic consulting.
The studio works were exhibited in a number of exhibitions between them at the architect's house, the ZeZeZe Gallery, the Bloomfield Science Museum and the Jerusalem Municipality.

.photo: Studio ADMA