Mosh Kashi | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Mosh Kashi

Mosh Kashi is an Artist, a senior lecturer at Bezalel.

First exhibited in 1992, that year he won the America-Israel Cultural Foundation Prize for a young artist. In 1994 he won the young artist prize from the Science and Technology Minister of Israel. In 1996, he received a staying scholarship in Cite Des Arts in Paris, France. In 1997, he received the prize for art encouragement.

In 2004 he won the Minister of Education (Israel) Prize for Plastic Arts, and in that same year he received a scholarship on behalf of the Israel's state lottery for an artist book that was released for his solo exhibition "Cronos". In 2012, Kashi was invited to exhibit a retrospective solo exhibition of his works in the Tefen Museum. In honor of the exhibition, an artist book was released that was produced and support by the Tefen Museum and Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv

The works of Kashi can be found in the collocation of public institutions, museums and private collectors in Israel and worldwide. Kashi exhibited his works in many exhibitions in Israel and around the world, among them is the Israel Museum, Tel Aviv Art Museum, Haifa Museum of Art, the Tefen Open Museum (Israel), and the Magnes Museum in Berkeley, California. He also exhibited in selected art fairs abroad in Berlin, New York, Paris and Miami.