The Air-Conditioned Housing Question | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

The Air-Conditioned Housing Question


Hansen House, 14 Gdalyahu Alon St., Jerusalem 

Along Cypriot highways and airport facilities, big billboards advertise for fairly recent urban products: the luxurious residential high-rise or residential enclave, resulting from international investments and promoting the triad of luxury, home-ownership and EU-citizenship. This incentivized urbanism currently transforms the seashores and coastal cities of Cyprus at incredible speed. Situated between Europe and the middle east, the Cypriot case yields interesting questions about the future of the city in more general terms. What does ‘production of the city’, ‘public facilities’ and ‘public realm’ mean if urban development is dominated by transnational real estate speculation and a global process of financialization? How can the architecture of these types of investment-housing contribute to the production of the city and the public realm? In their talk, Anne Kockelkorn and Kaye Geipel will use the Cypriot case as a backdrop to discuss the notions of the productive city, financial imaginaries and the architectural articulation of urban processes, and elaborate upon their claim on housing as a social space and as an incubator for the city of the future.

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