Data for Sustainability Workshop | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Data for Sustainability Workshop

In Collaboration with HomeBiogas

The Master's Program in Visual Communication invites Bezalel’s students and staff to Data for Sustainability Workshop featuring Dr. Roy Amit, data scientist, compost geek and visual cognition expert and Meir Sadan, type designer, typographer and interactive digital media designer

Workshop highlights: 

  • Impactful dataviz and infographics
  • Renewable energy and sustainable innovation
  • Field research and design thinking methods
  • Practical data analysis tools 

Tuesday - 17.5 10:00-17:00 | HomeBiogas - Hadasa Neurim, Bet Yanai

Wednesday-Thursday 18-19.5 10:00-16:00 | Hansen House

Friday - 20.5 9:00-14:00 | Hansen House 

We welcome applications from Bezalel’s students and staff, however places are limited. 
Preference will be given to applicants experienced in dataviz, sustainable innovation or generative/code-based design 

Registration Deadline: 25.4.22
Announcement of acceptance: 1.5.22

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About HomeBiogas: 

HomeBiogas is a world leader in developing ground-breaking, easy-to-use biogas systems, enabling people and businesses to turn their organic waste into self-made clean energy,

on-site. HomeBiogas systems offer a comprehensive and sustainable solution for waste management, renewable energy creation, clean cooking, fertilizer production, and sanitation.