Shanit Adam | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Shanit Adam

Shanit Adam / Designer

Graduated from Bezalel Academy (Jewelry and Fashion department), and the Royal College of Art (Fashion department), specializing in footwear and accessories. Studied professional practices at London's Cordwainers LCF College.

In Her Designer/Maker Studio  she creates as an independent brand, based on the principles of slow design, manufacturing locally long-lasting products. Co-founder of the Jerusalem Design Cooperative, a studio and home for a group of designers from various fields, working to promote initiatives and projects in the field of design in the city. Teaches in the Department of Industrial Design at the Bezalel Academy, lives in Jerusalem with her partner and two daughters.

Longings for the ‘dumbbell’ hat - One of 4 dumbbell hats which were dismantled and put together creating new compositions, bearing in mind simplicity, pride and self humour. "An illustrator and a designer enter a bar ..." A design and Isreli humor exhibithion. Outline week 2017.