Maya Ben-David | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Maya Ben-David

Multidisciplinary designer, researcher and lecturer with an independent studio specializing in product design.

Lecturer in the Master’s program in Industrial Design, the Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design and the Bachelor's degree in Material Culture.

Maya graduated Cum Laude(M.des) in social design from Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands and (B.des) Industrial Design from Shankar.

As part of her studio, she works in and around product design for companies, industry, foundations, cultural institutions and ventures including the Hebrew University, the Wolf Foundation, and Keter Group. At the same time, she strives to develop personal research and collaborative work that explore how technology mechanisms like 3D scan and 3D printing transform contemporary cultural and social narratives and redefine our relationship with nature. In this context, her works have been exhibited in a variety of exhibitions, including "First Body. Second Nature" at the Israeli Art and Design Biennial at the Israel Museum 2020, "Extreme" at the Holon Design Museum 2020, "The Reservation" Jerusalem Design Week 2019, "Cloud Points" at the Manofim Festival 2019 and "Natural Technology" at Benyamini contemporary ceramics center 2018.