Erez Gavish | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Erez Gavish

Interdisciplinary Graphic Designer, Motion Designer & Illustrator.

Head of the Visual Communication Department at Bezalel, Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.

In his work, Erez integrates various practices such as illustration, graphic design, typography, animation, code, video,  and post-production special effects. 

Erez is the designer and art director of numerous television projects. Nowadays he designs the second season of the ‘Hebrews’ documentary series that portrays prominent hebrew poets and scholars, and creates research-driven personal motion design and design-art works.

Erez designs international animation television shows for children. His first show as partner and production designer, ‘Zack & Quack’, is broadcasted on Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr and other channels, in over 180 countries worldwide.

After graduating from Bezalel in 1997, Erez founded ‘Primus Design Group’, a broadcast design agency, where he branded and designed numerous television channels and programs for the larger part of Israeli television broadcasters, as well as cable and satellite networks, designed interactive television games, and designed the user interface of the world’s first instant-messaging app, ICQ.