Dr. Omri Goren | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Dr. Omri Goren

Designer, artist and lecturer.

Owns a fashion and jewelry design studio, presenting in Israel and around the world.

Senior Lecturer in the Jewelry and Fashion Department and Visual and Material Culture Department.

Goren is an outstanding graduate of the Jewelry and Fashion Department at Bezalel.

Goren worked as a head designer in Paris (2004-2008) and presented in six fashion weeks.

Finished his doctoral studies at the Sorbonne in Paris (2013)

Established his studio (2009) and since then has been developing material and design research that combines a variety of disciplines.

The main challenge is to combine and connect material technologies used in jewelry and metalwork with clothing and textile technologies, in order to allow each material to integrate organically into the other material, creating a single unit with a new and unique material identity.

Goren participates in exhibitions in Israel and around the world.

participated in the first biennial of design and art (2020) at the Eretz Israel Museum. Presented a solo exhibition at the “Periscope” Gallery (2019) Tel Aviv. Tow group exhibitions at the CICA Museum (2019) in South Korea. At the Judaica Biennale in Jerusalem (2018) at a group exhibition at the Islamic Museum (2018) Jerusalem. And Paris Fashion Week (2016).