Joanna Dershovitz | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Joanna Dershovitz

I am the English coordinator at Bezalel and the Haredi branch of Bezalel and have been teaching at Bezalel since 2014.Before that I was the vice- principal of a Jerusalem High School. All my working life, 38 years, I have been teaching English as a foreign language.

I came on Aliyah in 1984 from England and am married with 4 children. My eldest daughter graduated from the architecture department at Bezalel in 2018 and my youngest daughter will start studying at Bezalel this coming year. I have always had a passionate interest in art and design and have attended many history of art courses at the Israel Museum. In my free time, I love visiting art and design museums and collecting catalogues from exhibitions that I have seen.

 My first degree was in Psychology and Statistics from the University of Salford, Manchester and my second degree in Educational Psychology from The Hebrew University. I have also completed a teacher training course in English as a Foreign Language.

I am looking forward to welcoming three new lecturers to the English Unit and to the challenge of redesigning all the English courses so that they will be in line with the new CEFR European regulations.