Prof. Safi Hefetz | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Prof. Safi Hefetz

Safi Hefetz (born in 1962), industrial designer and senior design lecturer, graduated with honors from the Department of Industrial Design at Bezalel (1990) and holds over two decades of professional and teaching experience. Hefetz serves as head of the Industrial Design Department at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem and co-founder of the I2D product development and innovation company located in Tel Aviv (

The complexity of the relationship between man, the environment, and the industrial world and its various derivatives form a creative thinking base for Hefetz's professional, conceptual, and experimental pursuits. His professional academic activities are complimented by an interest in the underwater world, explored through scuba and free diving.

Hefetz leads many of I2D’s strategic projects for Israeli and international companies in the fields of medicine, technology, and consumerism, including SanDisk, Medtronic, Lumus, Stratasys, Thales, Rosseto, Coloright, Sapling, Il Makiage, and more. Before founding I2D, Safi served as a leading designer and managed the design department at Scitex, one of the first technology companies in Israel to become an international company. Hefetz has designed dozens of technological products, including digital cameras, scanners, and large-scale printers that have been sold all over the world with great success.

Over the years Hefetz has won many national and international awards and commendations for his work, including: Crate and Barrel Award, Good Design, IF, Red Dot, IDSA, and the 2016 Ministry of Culture and Sports Award.

His works have been exhibited in museums and exhibitions around the world: Cooper Hewitt - New York, Gardiner Museum - Toronto, Israel Museum, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Triennale - Milan, Red Dot Museum, Design Museum Holon, and more.