Dr. Sagy Mayyan | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Dr. Sagy Mayyan

Sagy Maayan is a graduate of Communication and Social Sciences at Bar-Ilan University and holds a Master's degree in European Studies at the Hebrew University.
His doctoral dissertation was submitted as part of the program of Cultural Studies at the Hebrew University and dealt with representations of secularization and religiosity in contemporary culture in Israel. His additional research interests are focused on culture, art, and design in the context of human rights and social justice, ideology, minorities, and religions in the politico-cultural sphere, and more.

Since 2008, he has lectured in the Department of Cultural Studies at Sapir Academic College, as well as in the Department of Visual and Material Culture and in the Master's program in Industrial Design at Bezalel.

Previously, he served as executive director of Psik Theater Ensemble in Jerusalem, which deals with community theater alongside the production of repertoire works.
He was also editor-in-chief of Third Ear Cinema Books and served as a senior manager of the company's board.