Arch. Dalia Nachman Farchi | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Arch. Dalia Nachman Farchi

Architect, lecturer and researcher, founder of inSIDEout Architects



Design like You Give a Damn!- Motivating change through architecture.

Responsibility for vulnerable communities, totality in design, proactivity, independence.

Questioning and researching the seam between inside and outside, either spatially, or socially and professionally. Meaning- work both from the inside out, and from the outside in, as a dynamic creative process of learning-working, which pushes the boundaries of the architectural practice. 

Committed to a humane, sustainable and critical approach, in the rethinking of CONSERVATION, by developing the concept of "conservation with a lower-case c'", which challenges conservative formalistic approaches.

Selected CV

Research "Towards Conservation with a lower-case c' - Ajami, Jaffa Case Study" (Technion, 2014)

Water Tower Renewal & conservation 2010-2020

1st prize - international competition for alternative planning for Ein Hud -"An Existence of exile" was presented worldwide (AIA Istanbul 2005, Rotterdam Biennale 2007, Venice Biennale 2008)

Studies B.Arch Bezalel, and M.Sc. Technion (with distinction).

Social-professional engagement in the community (library, Beit-Am renovation, eco-park), and with NGO's (BIMKOM)

The 3rd teacher - a research-design studio, which bounds together space and advanced educational concepts.

Various Residential Projects.


Fields of interest

Conservation - Renovation - Reuse

Education and Cultural projects – design, design consulting for pedagogic institutions, Experience in complexed academic structures.

דליה נחמן פרחי - עבודה
Water Tower renewal 2010-2020