Eyal Ivri | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Eyal Ivri

Licensed architect, lecturer, constantly learning, loves architecture and positive qualities.
Graduated from the Wizo Haifa School of Design in 2010.
Degree in education, and teaching certificate.

After graduating, Eyal worked for Chyutin Architects and Ada Karmi Architects. In 2015, he established Eyal Ivri Architects.
The office renders services for the public sector with a broad view of reality as well as the ability to offer a comprehensive strategy of action, and innovative solutions through design research, meticulous planning and curiosity.

Eyal is constantly engaged in studies in fields interfacing with architecture, such as circular economics, teaching, system thinking, project management, software engineering and strategy. This ongoing studying affords achievements of high quality planning. 

Eyal tries to create a better future through his endeavors. 


.Sustainable Innovative Space, Eyal Ivri Architects