Dr. Liat Friedman | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Dr. Liat Friedman

Lyat Friedman has completed undergraduate studies at Ben Gurion University in behavioral sciences and received a master’s degree from New York University, in philosophy.
She has obtained a PhD, in philosophy from DePaul University, Chicago, where she wrote a dissertation on Plato’s dialogues. Before returning to Israel, she participated in Jacques Derrida’s seminar at University of California, Irvine, for four years. Upon her return, she taught for five years at the Philosophy, Comparative Literature and Gender Studies Programs, Tel Aviv University and for ten years, was a faculty member at the Philosophy Department and Gender Studies Program, Bar Ilan University. In the last eight years, she serves as chair of the M.A. Program in Policy and Theory of the Arts, Bezalel Academy.
She specializes in Continental Philosophy, Phenomenology, Cultural Studies, Psychoanalytic Theory, Gender Studies, Art Theory and Critical Thinking. Her book, In the Footsteps of Psychoanalysis was published in 2013, in Hebrew. She has published many articles in both Hebrew and English; she is a member of the Continental Philosophy Seminar; together with Galit Wellner, Phd, she has edited the second issue of Notebooks in Continental Philosophy (2020). Her next book, Transformative Criticism, is in process.