Dr. Elad Persov | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Dr. Elad Persov

Dr. Elad Persov, Faculty, M.Des Industrial Design, and expert in sustainable design management, system design, sustainable development. In 2005 he founded the Design Management track in the M.Des Program and managed it through the first decade. He represented Bezalel at numerous research meetings across Europe and published papers at various peer-reviewed conferences and journals. His Ph.D. dissertation "Sustainable Design Management: Educating Designers as Roles Change" was conducted at Porter School of the Environment and Earth Sciences, Tel Aviv University, explored the interface between Higher Education and the design practice from a sustainability perspective. As a researcher, Elad participated in grant writing and research and management of DESURBS (FP7 2010-2015), CPUDP (COST 2014-2016), CLEVER (ERASMUS + 2015-2019), along with initiation of local industrial R&D collaborations. Throughout the years, Elad has promoted sustainability at Bezalel in partnership with lecturers and students by establishing the 'Bezalel Interdisciplinary Sustainable Design Group'. In 2020 he founded the Bezalel Center for Sustainable Development.