3rd year studio | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

3rd year studio

Total Hours
Semester B
Course Day
Time 14:00 - 18:00
Industrial Design (B.DES.)



Sustainability Design and Behavior Change

Lecturer: Elisha Tal


During the course, we will focus on Sustainability and how design can bring about sustainable change and learn different design strategies for developing sustainable solutions. Today, it is clear to all that design processes, since the Industrial Revolution, have been problematic and have led to the current crises. Today, a different approach is needed to develop innovative solutions that will allow us to thrive for a long time.

All the challenges facing our society today require "behavior change": a sweeping change in all our basic ways of life, including how we consume energy, materials, and food, as well as how we provide mobility, health, protection, and a comfortable and equal living environment for all. However, "behavior change," habits, and thought patterns are difficult to crack, and why changing eating habits, physical activity, smoking, etc is so challenging. Here, product design and environmental design play a central role, stemming from our ability to combine fields, offer a holistic way of thinking, and set an updated vision to shape our lives and values.

As a group, we will examine ways in which we can make an impact. We will shift our focus from the traditional, consumerist, and private spheres to a shared space. We will go on tours, listen to lectures, identify interesting areas for action, and learn different theories for behavior change. Each student will define a personal area of interest that they will study and within which they will develop an innovative solution. It's an exciting opportunity to reexamine how we shape our lives, environments, and objects to encourage a different behavior and promote sustainability.