simplisity | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem


Total Hours
Semester B
Course Day
Time 14:00 - 17:00
Industrial Design (B.DES.)

Pashut The course Pashut will deal with the simplicity (simple means pashut) of life and design, based on purified and honest thoughts. During the semester, we will observe daily objects, and try to understand their core of simplicity. How many layers can we reduce from an object without losing its own identity and meaning? How can we reach restraint and minimalism without being boring, in today’s world? In the first lessons, we will examine everyday objects and discuss their details, absents, and existents. Following that, we will build an inner ruling system and define some guidelines of simplicity and how much we can subtract from an object before it loses its characteristics and legibility. During the course, we will use those tools to design three objects that are part of one family. We will sharpen our abilities to create a purified, minimal, and poetic object. Good design involves as little design as possible (Principles of Good Design by Dieter Rams).