Bezalel Graduates 2020 | Photography Department | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Bezalel Graduates 2020 | Photography Department



The event of the Photography Department, as part of “Bezalel Graduates 2020” – a series of physical and online events, presentations, and final projects unveiling.

“Times of quarantine and social distancing, times when one voluntarily or forcibly shelters at home, emphasize the power of photography and the power of the photographic image to respond immediately to a precarious reality, while giving validity to global events – and even lead to social revolutions."

Through a series of individual projects that were formulated over the past few months, the photographers and graduates of the Photography Department interpret their point of view on our current reality and invite the viewer to experience it through the lens of their camera.


The final projects will be on view between 7-31.8.2020 | The New Gallery – Teddy Stadium (Gate 22), Jerusalem

Hours: Mon.-Thurs 11:00-19:00

Fri. 10:00-14:00


Entry to the gallery is subject to the Purple Badge guidelines and in accordance with the Ministry of Health regulations.

“Bezalel Graduates 2020” events will be held during August-September.

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