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The Jerusalem School - 100 years of art in the city


The Jerusalem School, a pair of exhibitions that will open in the gallery in the new entrance building of the Tower of David, the Jerusalem Museum, and in ‘HaMifal’ building, allow for the first time a view of the progression of Jerusalem art that took shape over more than a hundred years of creation, from the establishment of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem in 1906 and in the image of the city as it is reflected in the works of its artists.

The pair of exhibitions are presented in two of the most important cultural institutions in the city - the Tower of David, for all its symbolic and historical significance, and ‘HaMifal’ - a contemporary cultural and art institution. As part of the exhibitions, it is possible to see more than a hundred original works, installations, objects, posters, etc., that were designed, among other places, at Bezalel, and shaped the discourse and the local art field. These works follow the sequence of changes in artistic expression in the fascinating and complex city of Jerusalem.

Stone Spirit

The first of the two exhibitions presents the beginnings of Hebrew art in Jerusalem - at Bezalel, the first academic institution for arts and design, established by Boris Schatz - until the 1950s. This is a tribute exhibition to the days of the Tower of David, the first exhibitions of Hebrew art in Israel which were presented in exactly the same place - the Tower of David, about a hundred years ago.

The works of the artists shown in the exhibition: Boris Schatz, Ze'ev Raban, Ira Yan, Abel Pen, Nehemiah Badrashi, Ludwig Blum, Aharon Shaul Shor, Shmuel Harubi, Shmuel Levi Opal, Julius Yotam Rothschild, Reuven Rubin, Ziona Tagar, Yosef Zaritzky, Ludwig Blum, Meron Sima, Meir Gor Acharya, Jacob Steinhart, Adolf Berman, Mordechai Erdon, Elsa Lasker Schiller, Anna Tycho, Greta Wolff Krakauer, Leopold Krakauer, Yaakov Stark, Yerachmiel Schechter, Meir Gur Aryeh, Friedel Stern, Ruth Schloss, Rudy Deitch, Zevdi Shlomo, Gerd Rothschild

Curator: Tal Kobo

No Man’s Land

The second exhibition presented at HaMifal presents contemporary art in Jerusalem from the 1950s onwards. The exhibition examines what contemporary Jerusalem art is, the nature of its relationship to space and history, to collective gathering and civil social action. The exhibition presents dozens of works of art, and historical documentation of seminal works made in Jerusalem from the 1960s until 2023.

The exhibition seeks to offer a renewed reading and in-depth look at the alternative art scene that has been flourishing in the city from the sixties to the present day.

The works of the artists shown in the exhibition: Hanan Abu-Hussein, Etti Abarjil, Sharon Avraham, Avraham Ofek, Yael Oren, Sergi Engel, Noa Arad-Yairi, Amir Boltzman, Yuda Brown, Gabi and Sharon Metzigim, Anat Golan, Adina Bar-On, Guy David Briler, David Cohen-Wolin, Itamar Hamerman, Shlomo Vazana, Masha Zusman, Zik, Yossi Havilio, Zvi Tolkovsky, Yuval Yairi, Noam Khozar, David (Duchi) Cohen, Einat Lider, Moti Mizrahi, Etzion Mizrahi, Mosella , Musrara School, Gerry Marks, Mashkoff, Avi Sabah, Yanai Segal, Sala-Manka, Yotam Kellner, Uri Rosenwax, the Iranian Embassy in Jerusalem, Ben Shir, Yael Buchbinder-Shimoni.

Curator: Dr. Elad Yaron

Opening Events
Thursday | March 7, 2024
18:00 Tower of David | 20:30 HaMifal

The No Man's Land exhibition was established with the support of the Jerusalem Fund.

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