Vera Vladimirsky wins the Presser Award for the year 2021 | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Vera Vladimirsky wins the Presser Award for the year 2021

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The Lauren & Mitchell Presser Award is an annual award now given for the seventh time by the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art. The award includes a cash prize of 5,000 Dollars and a solo exhibition at the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art. The winner of the 2021 Young Israeli Photographer Award is a graduate of the Photography Department and the Master of Arts Program, Vera Vladimirsky.

From the judges' reasoning: "Vera Vladimirsky's work deals with her impressions as an immigrant and her experiences as a young person searching for her identity and path in the world. Thus, for example, in the 'Last Apartment' project, she visited and photographed all 26 apartments she lived in. She placed the photographs in her current apartment, and photographed them again to create a collage. In another work she created wallpaper which is reminiscent of her familiar home environment from her childhood in the Ukraine, appearing on which is a recurring model of Israeli vegetation, Cyclamen and Thistles."

"Vladimirsky operates with sensitivity, humor, and a keen eye for the built, heroic environment of the modernistic Israeli project, as well as of its failures revealed by late neglect. She harnesses the in-depth familiarity with avant-garde photography trends of the twentieth century, to her contemporary esthetic choices. Vladimirsky attempts of collage, montage and of placing photography in the space, offer a viewing experience which combines an intercultural encounter of past and present, here and there."