Arch. Iddo Ginat | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Arch. Iddo Ginat

Iddo Ginat is an architect, historian, and co-curator of the Israeli Pavilion for the Venice Biennale Architecture 2021.
Iddo graduated with a BArch. from Bezalel Academy, and holds a master's degree in Design Studies from Harvard University, where he focused on theoretical research in architecture, and among other things initiated an exhibition and seminar on architecture and kibbutz planning. Upon his return to Israel, he began his doctoral studies at Tel Aviv University, and until recently served as director of the architecture digital archives for in the Visual Culture Project of the Israel National Library.
Iddo’s architectural research includes specialization in the history of design and curatorial exhibitions; Architectural avant-garde in the 20th century; And the link between multidimensional design and pedagogy and education.
Among other initiatives, he is currently conducting research with Professor Zvi Efrat for an exhibition on the unprecedented work of architect Richard Kaufman, who was the first architect of the Zionist Organization, and planned the first moshavim and kibbutzim.
His doctoral dissertation at the Cohn Institute of History and Philosophy of Science at Tel Aviv University deals with the question of representing the Zionist space in international exhibitions during the British Mandate.